Vegetarian And High Fiber Food Can Control Hypertension

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Most of the people don’t like to eat medicines daily in their life. But hypertension patient need to eat the medicine daily. No one wants of eat the tablets daily in their life. Food is also used for control the hypertension.

What is hypertension? The pressure in the blood is normally high so there is possibility of blood vessel burst in any time. The normal pressure in the blood is in been 90mg/hg to 120mg/hg. The hypertension people normally have the blood pressure of 140mg/hg. Lot of research is carryout to reduce the hypertension.

Follow vegetarian food:

Normally vegetarians have low blood pressure and low cholesterol content, so if hypertension people use the vegetarian food blood pressure is reduced. Even vegetarians not having the disease related to heart compared with non-vegetarians. Researches said that vegetarian food contain lot of minerals like calcium, magnesium and potassium etc. normally vegetarians prefer to go with vitamin rich foods. More amounts of vitamin A and vitamin C are seen in vegetarian food.

Importance of fiber:

The high fiber content play a significant role in reducing the hypertension and also useful to prevent the heart related problem. Heart is part, which pumps continuously to maintain the blood flow to all parts of the body. If the heart fails to pump the blood, then blood should not reach all parts of the body. So there is a possibility of human parts fails to do their function in correct time. So these high fiber content foods are used to enhance the function of heart.

At the same time this high fiber content food water-soluble foods. It is easily dissolved in food, so it doesn’t create any problem to the human body. Some of the fiber less product is non-soluble substances it is not at all dissolved in water. So it creates more problems in the heart by locking the blood vessel. So there is a possibility of blood flow only in certain loop.

Potassium foods:

If you sue the sugar normally then the blood pressure increased. The sugar in the body produces the hormone adrenaline. The function of adrenaline is very ease to understand it reduces the diameter of blood vessels. If the diameter of the vessel is decreased then area is decreased. If the area is decreased then automatically pressure is increased.

That’s why doctors suggested avoiding sugar, salt and saturated fats in the food. So always use potassium rich foods, because potassium used to increase the diameter of blood vessels, if diameter is increased area is increased. Hence finally decrease in blood pressure. At least 10 grams of potassium is essential for good human body. Potassium is largely seen in garlic and onion, so add these two ingredients in the food.

Avoid sodium:

Survey tells that less salt using countries are having lesser number of hypertension people compared with high salt using countries. Salt contains sodium, which causes numerous problems to the heart. Rice without salt is a good food for hypertension. Japan is the only country that uses the salt in less content that’s why they have only fewer hypertension people.