You could always say that swimming is the most complete sport there is. Ever since I was little I felt orthopedists recommend to all the sport.
Swimming is to put in motion all the levers of the body (arms and legs) and then perform an aerobic activity that involves a cardio-respiratory; also means sports without burdening the spine, as suspended in water, and therefore avoids any trauma overload, also swim develops coordination of movements thereby improving the harmony of the movements of our body. We can also add that tones so harmonious all our muscles, as they are toned by one effort with contrasting water: an overload absolutely relation to our personal effort.

It is no coincidence that the great rehabilitation physiotherapy is performed in water. Finally, the forced breathing coordinated with the movement of the head, arms and legs it regulates the rhythm and develops greater lung capacity. Swimming loosens muscles and joints making the body more agile and flexible. These are the many benefits of swimming and so it is important to practice for all ages. I often hear from anyone who is a bit ‘less young: “At my age, I can not learn to swim, “ERROR !! You can start at any age, and precisely because it is so young, it is necessary to start a business as sweet as useful to recover mobility.

To learn how to swim is recommended, especially for those in old age, to find a swimming pool with a deep bath at least 1.30 m. so that they can address the first exercises without much difficulty in movement (this happens know the water is too low) and without too much anxiety (if too deep). Remember that fear is directly proportional to the awareness of a hypothetical danger. The adult who can not swim, before you think of movements to learn to think what might happen and therefore does not relax. So then you have to start with simple relaxation exercises in the water, with the help of tools such as bearings and donuts.
Start with breathing exercises in the water, take the air out and blow into it. The first impact to overcome is to put face in water and blow so much water. The more we discover that blow into it is not dangerous and more relaxing because it exceeds the fear of suffocation.
Relying therefore to qualified and experienced teachers who are able to transmit tranquility, relax in the water, remembering that we are formed in the water , find out the item as a quiet and winding and ask only one primary goal: to overcome fear and learn to stay in the water floating. This will allow you to fully enjoy the benefits of swimming at an early experiences.