Usually we reminded of it only when you need medical care. Rarely before. Well, we, Poles, so we have: we do not like prevention, but with the liver should remember – damaged gland can alter life in the drama. The liver is our most important chemical factory, a machine to purify the body. Neutralizes, removes toxins and unnecessary prod- metabolism and tirelessly filters the blood (within one minute purifies approx. 1.5 l). Besides, the list of functions of this gland is almost 500 items! With liver better so do not mess because we have it only one and already several-break in her work may even be the cause of death. And most of us just does her job. She does not protest pain – not because innervated.

Be careful when making itself felt

If you are in the area of the liver, however, feel pain, it means that the gland to increased and presses on other organs (such symptom better go to the doctor). Most often makes itself felt digestive disorders: bloating after meals, nausea, constipation, feeling of fullness, stick interval and pain radiating from the right side to the sternum. Also weakened immunity and susceptibility to infection. It is better not to underestimate, because liver problems – and these are most often: viral hepatitis (A, B, C), acute and chronic hepatitis, cirrhosis her, toxic damage, fatness, gallstones, cancer, hepatic coma – give up shadow on the work of the whole organism.It sounds dangerous.

What it hurts the most?

– Enemies of the liver is many – admits Agnieszka Piskała, specialist. Nutrition. I calculated:

● rush in eating
● irregular eating hearty meals
● eating just before bedtime
● surging products difficult to digest in the stomach, coarse bread, unripe fruits, mushrooms, cabbage, garlic, onions, pulses)
● greasy meat and meat products eg. meat, pates
● offal, lard
● full fat dairy products, egg yolks, mayonnaise
● sweets, cakes, pies hard margarine
● food deep fried and breaded
● fast-food
● expired products (including toxins)
● grilled food and for heavily smoked products with preservatives ●
● salt and very salty products