From the very moment a child is born and the doctor weighs him, measures him and then bundles him, his health becomes one of the top priorities for the parents. Being a parent, majority of us are instinctively careful and concerned about every scratch, sneeze and disruption in sleep. Parents are in fact too careful about never missing a reason for a cough or a check-up. While parents keep worrying about stock-up and immunizations, flu or hand soap, there are many who totally forget about being considered about raising a mentally healthy child.

As per mental health experts, the mental health of a child should be taken care of from the time they start growing. Hence, whenever you’re wondering about the ways in which you can take good care of your kid’s mental health, here are few things that you should take into account.

#1: Never ignore the signs of a child that’s struggling

If your child is struggling, you should stay perfectly aware of the behavioral changes which could indicate such issues. Did the teacher tell you that your child is facing an issue while jamming with other kids? If answered yes, you shouldn’t shrug this off as these are the initial signs of their behavioral issues. Something that can start as a small pattern initially can take a huge turn later on. Whatever may be the sign, you should pay attention so that your kids don’t feel left-out when they behave differently.

#2: Don’t trivialize the way your kid is feeling

It is too easy for the parents to fluff the moods of the children as it is important to chalk them through their developmental stage. These stages usually contribute a lot to their emotional and mental behavior, it is vital to learn how your children relate to different things when they’re in such states. This way, they will be able to cope with their emotions.

#3: Be careful and sensitive, not reactive

From the moment the kids start speaking their first words, it is the task of the parents to encourage the kids to talk to their parents. Making rules will never work and hence it is vital for you to influence your kids to different sorts of communication. Invite them to talk to you honestly and don’t ever be offensive about their responses.

Mental health is a serious issue across America, with more than 90 million people suffering from some form of mental health condition. For more information on mental health and how to address it, there are guides like that can help. Similarly, PsychologyToday is a great resource as well, with thousands of articles on mental health.