Practicing physical activity daily is healthy, good for anyone, young and old, but you must enter the time devoted to sport in the organization of a typical day. Unfortunately, except for a few lucky, our day is always full of commitments: work, school, children, and it may seem easy to say “you have to do sport”, it is also true that we need to find the time to do it. The morning before the daily tasks (work, school or other), lunch during the break, in the evening, at the end of the working day. Thus adapting ourselves to these three bands, we can determine roughly what makes us feel better and better as it combines physical activity daily (or regular) with the other commitments of the day.

Early in the morning before starting your day it is very helpful somewhat ‘stretching to loosen your joints stiff from the night, and then move towards the commitments with a good walk with long strides and lying flat or a slight stroke. After a long pause as the night it is necessary to reactivate the cardiovascular system and respiratory system, therefore move gently and gradually for about half an hour. And ‘you need not lose heart too before starting a workday, so better not overdo it so as not to consume too much energy useful for the day.

After the exercise, to start the day properly, it is always important to have breakfast. Breakfast should not be a quick snack, but a complete and balanced meal, to be eaten every day and quietly. At breakfast one should consume a share of dairy products (such as milk, yogurt or fermented milk), cereals (for example, bread or biscuits or biscuits or breakfast cereals) and a fruit.

It is true that if we were already so good, to say the Stoics, to deal with the morning exercise, well we’re making a healthy breakfast but with an eye to the pampering. Let’s see how to transform health in tasty goodness: yogurt can be lightly sweetened with a teaspoon of honey and after the addition of grain because not complete with the chopped walnuts. You will add so much flavor and crunchiness. Bake the fruit in the evening for the morning: the most classic baked apple baked whole, but also slices of apple or pear placed on cookie sheet and sprinkle with cinnamon baked for 10 minutes and kept in the refrigerator for the next breakfast already Bell’O ready. And if we go into the blender yogurt and fresh fruit we will get a nice creamy base for both cereals, but also spread on “homegrown” slices of toast or biscuits evergreen.

At lunch it is already the most active and the whole body has already reached a good level of heart rhythm and muscle, so always starting with a bit ‘stretching heating you can think of also enter the muscle toning and strengthening exercises. Observing well not to overdo it to avoid having to return to the office with the muscles too dolenziti, it makes more sense an invigorating workout that aerobic because you have yet to face the afternoon. Here, too, not to exceed 45 ‘of allenamento.Il power consumption increases compared to the activity in the morning but always content, activity isotonic (strengthening) certainly entails a lower energy expenditure compared to an aerobic workout.

Those who choose to do sports during the lunch break should not, however, skip the meal, but eat a full meal anyway and correct. If time is short, you can provide a quick meal but balanced. For example, a sandwich (also full) with vegetables and sliced thin (possibly without sauces) or a salad enriched with a protein content (for example, tuna possibly to natural or boiled eggs or mozzarella or legumes), topped with a spoon olive oil and accompanied by crackers or bread or a plate of pasta or rice (as well as barley or spelled) served with vegetables or legumes.

Think is a punitive regime? Not at all, especially with the appropriate combinations. The bread, though good, is itself a food of great satisfaction, then if we match it to grilled vegetables (zucchini, eggplant, radicchio, endive etc.), or cut into slices and put into a pan without condiments, with the ‘aid of a slice of ham also passed in a pan and seasoned with oregano and a teaspoon of oil, well, I challenge you to talk about little tasty dish. And for supergolosi remember that even if the bread toasted acquired taste without adding weight.

The mixed salads are the realm of fantasy, where a boiled egg from crumbled ingredient if it becomes the seasoning, but also many, but a lot of fresh herbs: the very common chopped parsley added to a salad can make a real difference. For the dough is the old rule of boiled vegetables with the pasta, giving flavor to it, and needing just a little olive oil to season it, or, for the incurable gourmet, even a spoonful of fresh ricotta, which will provide a sumptuous creaminess.