Watch For those I consult ” I feel like two different people. I do not feel hungry at all during the day, everything begins in the evening , “said the person was too much. If you do not also suffer from similar complaints, maybe the following tips may be useful in getting rid of this problem.

You may not distribute Calories

” I do not feel hungry in the morning, so I do not have breakfast, so I’m keeping myself from getting calories hours 14:00 to 15:00, but until midnight monster appetite uyanıyo r “of those who say, you make mistakes in your solution stored in the sentence. At breakfast Limit the size of your appetite is dulled the appetite for dinner first night, the resist snacks for a few nights, you’ll find that you’ll wake up in the morning and you will not be hungry, very hungry when you make balanced choices during the day at night. Even if you are hungry, be sure to eat something in the morning, though small. To yourself, treat it like you treat your children, how their to skip meals, do not let them leave the house without breakfast, apply the same for yourself.

You may complain reactive hypoglycemia

” After dinner if ever I get hungry again within one hour like I’m eating a lot and I can not stop eating sweets. Moreover, eating, yiyes is coming , “says you should always contact a physician specialist in endocrinology and metabolism. Sweets and weight requirements inability complaints insatiable usually combined with this result.

You may be depressed

In fact, in studies of obese individuals, due to complaints of individuals that they are obese or obese because they eat because they become depressed depression can not be determined exactly. Common opinion often be seen a combination of obesity to depression. Increased appetite and weight gain of the common symptoms of depression. Also, a side effect of many medications for depression also can be improved weight gain. Depression and weight gain is becoming a vicious cycle. Sıkkınlık, loneliness, feeling isolated and different because when you eat food from many other emotional reasons, you receive weight.

Then you feel more depressed and not be happy with their body image. That you yourself feel more comfortable and may be causing you to turn to food to cope with these negative emotions.This is especially so when the family alone with individual cities, the business environment or at night, when detached from a friend can manifest itself in the form of binge eating.

Night Snacks test

If you have at least three of the following is useful to meet with a therapist and nutritionist to resolve this issue.

* There is no appetite in people with little or no breakfast in the morning. After the first meal up in the morning hours of delays. How heavy are not hungry or sad that so eat before a night.

* They ate dinner in the post more.

* Daily food intake more than half of the place after dinner. You can get out of bed to night snack.

* This behavior pattern continues for at least two months.

* People eating itself, irritable, anxious, may feel sad or guilty.

* The midnight snack is thought to be stress-related. A person may be particularly unstable mood night

* The difficulty in falling asleep or stay awake. He wakes up frequently and snack.

* Prefer mostly carbohydrate foods.

* Midnight snacks, the attack in the form of food made with short breaks quite a lot, trying to constantly eating behavior during the night hours.

* People are not even aware that sometimes eat at night, does it matter when you wake up in the morning.