Alopecia is the medical term used to describe scalp hair loss (head hair loss). Hair loss is more common in men, leading to baldness. Women are more prone to hair-thinning where there the volume and thickness of hair is affected but rarely leads to total baldness.Hair is made-up of protein called keratin and it follows that diet plays a big role in hair-health.

Foods to avoid :
One of the most common causes of hair loss is the popularity of junk foods and carbonated drinks. High protein, high fat diet coupled with dairy products alter the pH balance of the blood making it highly acidic. Add to this sweets, desserts and too much sugary foods and your head hair just drops off. The same goes for those who prefer too much salt in their foods. Excess of any food item is harmful to the body.

Avoid too much of : coffee, tea, sweet foods, carbonated drinks (like coke, pepsi), alcohol, fatty foods, salty foods, animal protein, raw foods, dairy products.
Foods to eat :
Healthy hair needs a proper balance of proteins, iron, vitamins, (A,B,C,E) fiber, silica, zinc and calcium. They will strengthen the hair roots leading to healthy and strong hair.
Eat these foods : Brown rice, sprouts, eggs, fish, liver, organ meat, oats, root vegetables (like carrots, ginger, onions, turnips), pumpkins, potatos with skin, green and red pepper, black pepper, cucumbers, seaweed (arame, wakame, hizki), beans, dark green leafy vegetables, low-fat cheese, brewer’s yeast, yoghurt, nuts, seeds, raisins, dates, avocados, olive oil, whole grain cereals.

Now that you know what is good for you, what have you decided? Will you stick to your unhealthy diet habits and fix with an appointment with your doctor or take an informed decision and fix an appointment with a good surgeon for a hair transplant which might quickly recover the hair.