Women, and it everywhere in the world are experiencing men having 7 to 10 years. But, paradoxically, they are not healthier. Statistically they account for 70 percent. patients, because three times more likely to get sick, hospitalized and undergoing operations. Also outdo men in terms of the amount of medication. So it seems that the division is fair: Each sex has strengths and weaknesses. It is these latter represent a challenge for medicine, sex (gender medicine). Its purpose is treatment “tailored” so that women are less likely suffered, and the men caught up with them in life expectancy. And although this is a completely new discipline in the US and Europe at a dizzying pace arrives specializing in the doctors.


Nature has assigned us a specific task – motherhood. Pregnancy and breast-feeding a child is a big burden for the organism, which at all times must be resistant to any germs. Hence, the immune system is more active and work more efficiently. But only until protect us estrogens.Before we begin to wither, less often than men we catch colds and common infections, for example. Tonsillitis or bronchitis. With stronger immunity easier to rely infections, but it is an affliction of women are allergies and other diseases in autogresji, m.in .: hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism because of its inflammation, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis (RA), and diabetes. Just stimulated the immune system becomes overzealous and destroys not only the viruses or bacteria, but the body’s own cells. In the affected organ inflammation develops.


Try to protect the infections. Every – even trivial cold – to work activates the immune system, which increases the allergy and autoimmune diseases. Also, avoid overcooling, which promotes inflammation of the bladder (doing it four times more often than men). At tendency to urinary tract infections prophylactically Take your preparations with cranberries, because it helps clean out the bacteria.


Stereotyp assumes the following: hypertension, atherosclerosis and myocardial ill ugly sex. The truth is somewhat different: women’s heart happens to them equally susceptible, as compared with the male is smaller and less trained. The point is that men are much faster, because even in his late thirties, they become “sercowcami”. In the ladies and hypertension, and heart attack usually it occurs after menopause, so statistically we get sick less. The trouble starts in the sixth decade of life, they cease to protect us estrogens. These hormones dilate, which lowers blood pressure and improves circulation. Also they maintain normal cholesterol. However, when estrogen levels drop, the development of atherosclerosis, and with overgrown arteries hypertension occurs. In women, the low pressure bothered years after menopause, it can imperceptibly turn into too high. Another issue is the attack. Thanks to its risk of estrogen is delayed in time. But when I get us, sometimes not recognized because we confuse it with intoxication (in the infarcted women and vomiting stomach hurts them, they feel weakened, usually do not complain of pain in the bottom of the bridge and numbness of the hand). As a result, we wait to call the ambulance, until the condition is serious and dangerous attack and vast. That’s another thing that makes us different.


For the sake of vessels and the heart, cardiologists recommend aspirin (we are talking about special preparations Acard type). The most recent scientific reports indicate that it is effective in men, negligible extent, protects women against heart attack. Indeed, the low dose (75 mg) of aspirin to thin the blood vessels and prevent clogging. It enhances its anticoagulant properties of testosterone, but estrogen and progesterone neutralizes this action, even favorable congestion. Therefore, in women aspirin in small doses, prevention is sometimes insufficient (if you want to take, consult your cardiologist). In this situation, the ladies still diet. Three times a week, eat fatty fish of the sea, because they have a salutary for blood omega-3 fatty acids, butter and lard and replace oil or rapeseed oil. Keep it on the line and fit – every two days treat your muscles to a half-hour workout.

DIGEST About 30% slower than the MEN, SO THE COMMON Constipation and bloating

It is not without reason that women are addressed advertising such measures. Often, because I get the feeling of a full stomach, because it is a natural consequence of sluggish bowel function and longer retention of undigested food in them. If it will impose yet gastrointestinal disease, such as. Inflammation of the lining or irritable bowel syndrome (also women’s ailments), symptoms get worse. In each case the culprit sometimes stress, with which we deal worse than men, especially when we get monthly hormonal mood swings. The domain of the fairer sex is also a build up of stones in the gallbladder. It is therefore important that you care about your diet. Unhealthy eating can afford to only gentlemen. Because they need more calories and, as demonstrated scientists, pikantniejszych spices that increase the level of testosterone and heighten male libido.


Eat more frequently (5-6 times per day), and necessarily small portions, which can handle even a “lazy” gut. Bet on vegetables, fruits, lean meats and dairy products. Cut out spicy and fatty foods. And another important piece of advice: Carefully medications. Even those sold over the counter are not indifferent to the stomach. This applies mainly painkillers. With frequent constipation and flatulence better to take those that contain acetaminophen.

DEFINITELY MORE WOMEN overcomes cancer disease

Equally conducive to our nature, as well as lifestyle. We are more efficient than men immune system, which quickly locates the cancer cells and destroys them before they develop into the tumor. As a result, 2-3 times less likely to get sick with cancer, and if they get us, it’s easier advise you to deal with it. Statistics relate cancer of the bladder, kidney, skin, throat, larynx, lung, colon and rectum. They sound optimistic for us also the results of a recent survey. It turns out that for several years increasingly willing to go for cytology and mammography, and for that alone every month we examine your breasts. Hence women’s cancers detected in the early stages, when they are still completely curable. Unfortunately, men continue to shun this research, including analysis of blood for antibodies PSA (their elevated levels of sometimes signal prostate cancer risk), and downplay the symptoms of health problems. As a result, relatively late in the day to the oncologist, which reduces the chance of overcoming the disease. Besides, it is difficult to persuade them to quit or give up the knuckle and beer mug for vegetables and fish.The addictiveness and male (abdominal) obesity also translates into an increased risk of cancer.


Remember to research, which should also convince their partner. Once a year, Make a simple blood test (for it will be an opportunity to perform PSA test). The result morphology with smear will show whether the body is not involved in the fight against cancer, as evidenced by elevated levels of leukocytes. Every 2-3 years is recommended abdominal ultrasound and thyroid, to see if there are no lumps. Besides, do not indulge in addictions. It is not just about cigarettes, but also high-percentage alcoholic beverages. Recently, Japanese doctors have proven that strong alcohol, drunk often, doubles the risk of breast cancer.