A massage can be used for different purposes. A massage can be a perfect addition to fitness and strength training. In this article, I provide an overview of the benefits of a massage, followed by a massage or for improved performance and or massage reduces muscle pain.What are the benefits of massage?

It’s good to get a massage because massage can have the following effects:

Beautiful young woman holding plant growing up through stonesIrritation of nerve ends
Heat dissipation
Improvement of blood circulation
Dispose of excess fluid in the tissues
Letting go of dead skin cells
Improved permeability of the cells
Tension Increasing the sagging muscles
Relaxation of muscle tightness
Energetic feeling
Alleviation of pain
Better sleep
Better resistance and grounding
You can use a massage for:

For sports, as part of the warm-up so that the muscles get more blood.
In between, for example, during the break of a match or tournament. A sports massage then stimulates the elimination of waste in the body, which is important to prevent acidification.
After exercise, as part of the cool-down to facilitate the removal of waste.
When an injury, to promote recovery.
Massage preparation

Before you start a massage, it is important to be well prepared, it is important to remember the following points:

Arrange a quiet room, preferably with a possibility of blackout. Rather no bright lights.
Provide a cozy and relaxing space with soft colors.
Raise the temperature in the space at 22 or 23 degrees.
Provide a massage table or a bed where you can walk around easily.
Provide two glasses of water. One for yourself and one for your recipient of the massage. It is delightful to drink a glass of water after a massage.
Put all jewelry from your hands and wrist down.
Wash, in connection with the hygiene, prior to and after the massage your hands with cold water and hand soap.
The execution

It is important to always share your massage in an assembly and disassembly phase. Start it by your receiver to cover with towels to keep it warm and connect with your receiver through light pressure through the towel.

You can give a massage to:

Massage myalgiaHead
Shoulder Muscles
Lower back
Fingers (very light)
Toes (very light)

The massage oil is used as a lubricant so that no painful stiffness occurs. Often the oil consists of a base oil and essential oils. A good oil is not readily absorbed by the skin, does not stick, does not have a strong smell and of course has the right balance between slip and slip (ie the correct viscosity / viscosity). In addition to the base oil you also have essential oils. Below are some types of essential oils:

Lavender: cleansing, harmonizing, uplifting, stimulating, soothing and refreshing.
Lemon: provides a fresh breeze.
Lime: sparkling, happy note, stimulates the appetite and digestion
Mandarin: delicate, fresh, innocent and cheerful and creativity.
Does a massage for muscle aches and performance?

There are a number of studies on the effect of massage on muscle and performance. According to researchers at the University of Stirling in Scotland helps a massage shortly after an effort not to relieve pain or to raise your performance. The researchers did find an effect, but this effect was not significant. In another study by the University of Virginia appears that a massage does not have a significant effect on muscle pain within a time period of 72 hours. Another study from Australia showed that massage the muscle pain and swelling of the muscles can effectively reduce by 30 percent. However, the strength and function did not improve after the massage compared to the subjects who were given no massage. Lastly, a systematic review that a massage helps relieve muscle pain or ineffective improves performance in endurance or strength sports. The authors of this article show that the extensive use of massage in different sports is not as effective as expected.

Important tips:

Breasts and buttocks are not included in the massage. Rub with a back massage to the perineum or else you forget half of the lower back.
The stomach is very sensitive, especially if someone has just eaten. Always massage in circular movements from the navel clockwise. So follow the peristalsis of the bowel. Also ask if the pressure is good.
Talk as little as possible during the massage. Otherwise remains one that is massaged into the thinking head and you deprive him or her the opportunity to completely relax.
Use in people with a lot of hair much oil. Otherwise, a massage can be quite painful.