Where did the idea that this little muscle upgraded to the most important organ? In short, the “fault” of Aristotle, who hailed the heart of the first organ that forms in the bud. And if the first is the most important, or one that manages the and body, and soul. So it became a symbol of life and feelings. But pressuring pump blood does not arise as the first, as Aristotle could not know yet. Despite this, the heart is the real demon for work. We must take care not to keep that at full capacity without interruption shrank and relaxants average pace of 70 times per minute, which gives 2.5 billion beats throughout his life.


Voltaire had the intuition that already in the age of Enlightenment warned: “Who does not have a heart for his age, this age takes its toll.” Today it is the most concise definition of those who in the end will go to a cardiologist. And so the doctor about this specialty not complain about lack of work. Cardiac problems is because every other man in the vicinity forties and half of women after menopause. However, the “chances” of being a cardiac patient goes to judge in advance.Then, even at considerable risk, you can ensure that the heart has always been healthy. On the internet (eg on pokochajswojeserce.pl under “How old is your heart?”) You can find a virtual calculator that calculates. the age of the heart.
First you have to take the test, in which you answer questions about lifestyle and you give test results (cholesterol and blood pressure). If the heart is younger than that indicated by your metric (eg. Calculator and determine its age at 35, but you’re finished already forty), or it will turn równolatkiem, do not be afraid to cardiovascular problems. Report to your doctor immediately if you learn that it is aging faster than you. Kardiodzy benefit from professional SCORE tables, slightly more accurate than the web calculators. Of them read, what is the likelihood of our change in “sercowca”.
Of course also takes into account how many finished years, if you smoke, playing a sport, you are overweight. Also take into account the results of blood tests: cholesterol, triglycerides and fasting sugar and blood pressure. In each case, the value is increased above normal risk of atherosclerosis, sometimes resulting in myocardial infarction. For example, the probability that it happens, reaches 30 per cent., If a woman who is in menopause, fired at least a dozen cigarettes a day, and at the same time are overweight, hypertension and high cholesterol too.


It happens that a drop of penetrating the rock is too high pressure. When the blood without interruption and with increased force pushes against the walls of the blood, they lose their elasticity. Then at an accelerated pace is developing atherosclerosis in them. Sometimes the sequence of events is reversed. First formed in the arteries calcified plaque, which stiffen and clog them. After the stenosis as a side effect appears hypertension. But how comes atherosclerosis? Sentences cardiologists are divided. Some main reason they see in ourselves.
We burn cigarettes, too greasy and too much we eat, we do not avoid the sweets, which raises cholesterol and causes weight gain. Each of these independently to 50 percent. increased risk of atherosclerosis. Just as hypertension or podwyżony sugar (i.e., the first signal type 2 diabetes).However, when nicotine addiction connect with overweight, moves avalanche, which skyrocketed lead to vascular damage and cardiac complications. It turns out that diabetes itself, “ages the” arteries of 10 years, and comes with hypertension or compulsive smoking – more than 20 years. Other doctors blame on the genes primarily and secondarily – lifestyle. At the same decline as much we get from his father, he provided that heart gave him its toll in and around forty, and my mother – if cardiac problems began before over 55 years.


● Diet your name and medical career owes the people of southern Italy and the Greek islands in the world who are least likely to succumb to cardiovascular disease. What they eat, they lower cholesterol, is not giving a chance atherosclerosis.

● The healing fats idea is that in the daily menu was olive oil (cold sauces or cooked in fried dishes) and mandatory oily fish. In the Mediterranean red meat is eaten usually once a week.Olive oil and fish contain omega-3. They lower the bad cholesterol LDL, which destroys the arteries, and increase good HDL, acting protectively. In addition, they prevent clots in the vessels, which also gives antymiażdżycowy effect.

● Cardiac Vitamins Greek and Italian does not exist dish without vegetables (broccoli, lettuce), citrus and various nuts. It is in them a lot of folic acid and vitamin B. This kit reduces blood levels of homocysteine unfavorable for the heart. This substance is formed during digestion of meat in the intestine. Its excess absorbed into the blood damages the arteries and atherosclerotic starts an avalanche. Americans are vitamin These add to the flour (as in our iodine to salt), hence the even-eating unhealthy and obese levels of homocysteine in the blood decreased by 10 percent.

● Friendly antioxidants Thanks to vegetables and fruits acquire color: YEL this (melons), orange (carrots, apricots), red (paprika, tomatoes) if ioletowego (grapes, eggplants). These dyes block the activity of LDL cholesterol levels and exacerbated good HDL. Similar to light red table wine.Drink a glass daily for dinner by the French makes it pass them by heart attacks and circulatory ailments – despite the lifting cholesterol diet (fat cheese).

● Protective fiber in vegetables lot of it, mainly legumes. When we compare them with flushed with wholemeal flour, earns a portion healing. Thus, Italians, fond of pasta, and the Greeks, who did not shun bread, do not get sick on the heart. Fiber as a sponge absorbs fats in the intestine, thus limiting their assimilation and keeps cholesterol in check.