Happiness comes from a healthy mind and body. No wealth in this world can buy happiness. It is something that comes from one’s inner self. To reach the larger goal of well-being is to rejoice in smaller things of our life.

In this bustling life of ours, cultivating a healthy lifestyle is not an easy task. It requires a lot of patience and perseverance. Finding time for yourself, eating the right food, exercising every day, sleeping well and keeping stress at bay are the five simple ways to stay happy. Let us get a wider insight into each one below:

  • Healthy diet

A mindful eating makes you feel better both physically and mentally. Concentrating on the quality over quantity of food on your plate is the key to a healthy eating habit. Keep your home junk-free and stuff in some wholesome foods, fresh fruits and vegetables, protein-rich food and healthy fats.

Limit refined and highly processed food. Keep an eye on the high-calorie portion of your plate. Staying hydrated is also important as it increases your metabolism. Another important factor that boosts your immune system is the gut flora or microbiome. For a healthier microbiome, one needs to emphasize diversity and proper balance in their diet.

  • Regular exercise

They say “exercise is the best medicine”. So take your dose daily. Keep your bodies moving, so that the muscles and joints become flexible and strong, rather than flabby and weak. It increases your flexibility for which you would be thankful in your later years.

It helps you in combating several diseases and aids in a longer life. It need not be a high-intensity workout, just brisk walking for 30 minutes could be a great start for the beginners. Exercising daily can make you feel less fatigue and thus boosting your energy levels and improving your stamina as well.

Exercise also helps is maintaining a healthy weight. A few minutes of regular exercise can strengthen and tone your muscles. Thus making you feel and look great. Daily physical activity can increase the number of natural antioxidants in our body and thus reducing the oxidative stress. This, in turn, slows the aging process.

  • Stress-free mind

Dealing with stress- the uninvited guest in our life is really important. A stressful life can hamper your productivity and abilities to lead a happy and healthy life. Falling sick and feeling irritated all the time are some of the side effects of stress in your life. Surviving the daily pressures in work and family life is not an easy task.

As the guardian of our own body, we have this sole responsibility to find ways to alleviate stress from our lives. Firstly, organizing and managing your day to day task helps to utilize your time really well. And thus you can indulge yourselves in sports and other entertainment activities as well. De-addict yourself from gadgets and spend some time with your family and friends. Meditating regularly can keep negative thoughts and anxiety away. Also, focus on breathing techniques that can help in calming the nerves while in a stressful situation.

  • Love yourself

To stay happy in our life, it is really important to practice self-love. It makes you feel worthy and confident about yourself. If you always tend to focus on your faults and flaws, then it’s time that you start embracing your insecurities to begin this journey of self-loving. Try new things by going out of your comfort zone.

Set aside a day to pamper yourself. Dine alone at a sumptuous restaurant. Give yourself a break and travel to your dream destination. It could be a great way to forge a deeper connection with yourself. Praise yourself for all the accomplishments in your life.

  • Sleep well

A good night sleep is an essential part of a happy life. Lack of proper sleep impairs our memory, slows down our thinking capacity, and makes us prone to pessimistic thinking. It does not depend upon the amount of your sleep but the timing of your sleep cycle. Research says that the “early risers” stays happier than the “night owls”. So be an early to bed and happy to rise person to make the most out of your life.

Cultivating a habit doesn’t happen overnight. It takes a significant amount of hard work and patience in implementing it. The goal should be to take small yet persistent steps towards its accomplishment. So indulge yourself slowly into these healthy habits for a fulfilling and happy life.