When you step out and even before you say something; your body will speak a lot about you. Probably that is the reason why everyone is so careful about their looks and weight. People with those extra pounds must have tried a lot of techniques and tips but that stubborn weight keeps coming back.There are so many web sites, books, classes, programs; blogs etc. are available around us. And many claim to give a sure shot result too and that is true to a large extent. But the issue here is that, the result won’t last for a long time. In such a case the circle starts over again and this vicious circle becomes quite annoying to those who want to lose weight and have a long lasting effect.

This is a common issue to deal with for a lot of people. But now is a high time to say bye to such tips which are not giving a long lasting effect and look up. Here are few tried and tested tips which will help you to not just lose weight but will have a long lasting effect too painlessly:

Understand the Food Scale: Food scale isn’t about measuring each meal that you have. It is basically about having variety of food in your diet.
Stock a lot of fruits: Keep a small box of your favorite fruits for between the meals cravings. This is a healthy way to eat and also avoid high calorie junk food.
Eat what your body needs to be healthy: There are few requirements that our body have and we need to cater to those needs. Starving will never give an effective result and it will make you feel hungry every time. So indulge yourself once in a while with your favorite cookie or a piece of cake.
Never skip meals: Skipping a meal to reduce a weight will adversely affect your body internally. This is a complete no-no at any time. In fact the better alternate is to eat a lot but in intervals and eat healthy and fibrous fruits and veggies. Adding will help and not subtracting. Also when you eat all this healthy and easy to digest food between your meals, it will keep you full and you won’t hog at the lunch or dinner time.
Eat a lot of anti-oxidants and fiber rich food: These kinds of foods will not only help your body internally but will also help you to keep your weight in control.
Keep yourself hydrated at all times: Drinking a lot of water will not keep you hungry and you can eat less during your main meals. Also water is most essential for our body to fight against many diseases.
Remember weight loss is a journey, and there might be many hiccups. But need to be consistent and follow the routine. This will certainly give you a mental boost and you will eventually win the weight loss race.