The average age of people who wear dentures is 45, which is a lot younger than you might think. Yet the fact is that many people in their twenties either wear or need to wear dentures. If you’re unfortunate enough to have suffered from poor oral health for whatever reason, you should be aware that there are a variety of options – such as dentures and dental implants – that will not only restore your beautiful smile, but will also help to prevent further problems. Far from being a typical denture wearer, Kristi received a complete set of dentures at the age of 26, which is far lower than the average age. Her story is an unusual one because of the sheer amount of dental work that she has received during her short life.

The level of tooth decay she suffered as a young girl was so much that by the age of 18, her dentist had informed her that she was a suitable candidate to receive dentures. Despite this being a desirable option for her, having suffered from a poor self-image as a result of poor oral health, Kristi understandably felt daunted by the associated financial burden of receiving the treatment. This was as well as the thought of losing what was left of her real teeth.

The mother of four found the support she needed in an online group, which helped change the way she viewed dentures. She began to write a blog and an associated YouTube channel to document her journey from suffering with tooth decay, through to her accomplishments in a bid to help others.

At the beginning of 2013, Kristi won a competition to receive dental implants, a treatment worth $54,000. Since then, she has vlogged tirelessly to document a new chapter in her journey. She faced – and admirably dealt with – all of the challenges associated with implants/dentures, such as inflammation and dental hygiene, which remains important despite the teeth not being real.

If you think you may need dentures, it is absolutely crucial that you organise an appointment with a dentist to discuss the options you need to consider. Otherwise, you could end up paying an awful lot of money for treatment.